Case Study 2 – Miller Titerle

Industry: Law Firm – First Nations Economic Development, Business Transactions, Technology and Innovation, Responsible Resource Development
Location: Vancouver
Employees: 29
Client since: May 2012

The challenge – growing exponentially and scalability and flexibility restrictions of onsite managed IT systems

Having traditionally housed its IT infrastructure onsite, Miller Titerle LLP. was finding that it restricting its growth. It was onerous and time consuming every time a new lawyer was added to the team; purchasing a computer, loading the legal and business applications and so on.

Maintenance, support and ad hoc work-around tactics were taking hours of employee time. The existing IT structure limited the ability of employees to share client data and collaborate efficiently.

It also made it difficult or impossible for lawyers to access files and applications when offsite and when traveling.

With declining system performance and lack of flexibility and scalability Miller Titerle LLP knew it needed to make a change if its firm was to continue to keep up with it exponential growth.

The solution - i-worx cloud services solution OfficeOneDesktop.

Miller Titerle LLP opted to implement i-worx’s OfficeOneDesktop cloud services and virtual desktop solution. i-worx quickly put the following in place:

  • Virtual servers in our secure data centers to host Miller Titerle LLP client data and legal applications.
  • Virtual desktops to facilitate authorized employee access to client confidential data and legal applications remotely from any device.
  • Standardized legal software programs and versions.
  • Multiple layers of physical and software security to protect data and business applications at our secure Canadian data centres.
  • Business continuity and disaster planning.
  • Maintenance and support pricing for one fixed monthly fee.

The result - dramatically improved performance at a fixed monthly fee.

Miller Titerle LLP could not be happier with the OfficeOneDesktop cloud services and virtual desktop solution. Since its implementation, Miller Titerle LLP. has experienced:

  • Flexible user scalability – new users can be quickly and easily be added with immediate access to legal applications and client information.
  • Dramatically improved infrastructure performance and uptime.
  • Simplified IT tasks and fixed IT costs by integrating computing and centralized management. Miller Titerle LLP. pays only for what they use.
  • Improved productivity as employee’s access client confidential data and legal and business applications from anywhere, anytime.
  • Improved collaboration with standardized software and easy sharing of documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • Controlled costs with IT maintenance and support included in one fixed monthly fee.
  • Peace of mind in the event of a disaster thanks to built-in business continuity.