Cloud computing will revolutionize your law firm

What is cloud computing and what are its benefits? This is a question commonly posed by law firms seeking new competitive advantages.

Simply put, instead of saving files to a hard disk or using software directly installed into a computer, cloud computing stores these files and applications on the web (aka the cloud). This allows the ability to quickly and easily access them using an Internet connection.

How does the cloud optimize your law firm? The key benefits include:

  • Access anywhere, anytime from any device
    Your team can always access and share up-to-date information, including emails, calendars and contacts. Users can also recover deleted files and print from anywhere.
  • Your software is always standardized and kept up to date
    Files and systems are fully integrated and stay compatible, so employees always use the latest software and applications.
  • Hands-free backups and secondary backups
    Because we backup your data to our enterprise-level servers in Canada, your information is always safe and recoverable - even in the event of a disaster. Files are backed up hourly and databases are backed up every four hours.
  • Better physical and software security
    You can relax knowing your data is stored in advanced data centres with multiple physical security layers, redundant power and Internet connections, as well as enterprise software encryption.
  • Up to 50% more cost effective than PCs
    No more capital outlay for hardware and software, or unexpected expenses. You only pay a fixed monthly fee, and all maintenance and support is included.
  • Ease of scalability
    Scale from 1 to 100s of users quickly and easily. Days and weeks of lost time are a thing of the past as new users can be added within minutes.
  • Save the planet
    We believe cloud computing is a green IT alternative as it’s energy efficient.

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