Fixed fee monthly budget with greater peace of mind

For firms wanting to take advantage of a computer terminal solution, i-worx can provide a powerful combination of brand new computers with full maintenance, support and warranty at a competitive cost.

Enhance your people’s productivity by replacing your old computers with new advanced terminals.

OfficeOneTerminal brings peace of mind to lawyers who don’t have time for troubleshooting. Now they’ll have the option to call and get support instantly. For administrators it gives the ability to budget much more accurately as your monthly billing is fixed and you never have to purchase computers ever again.

OfficeOneTerminal offers these game changing benefits:

Enhanced Productivity

  • Works well with your virtual desktop
  • If a terminal fails, quickly swap it out
  • Because of the low monthly cost of this service, it’s affordable to keep a spare terminal in your office in the event you need a new computer quickly - for example, when a new employee starts the job


  • No capital outlay for computers anymore
  • No more having to pay for additional maintenance and support on physical computers
  • Easy to scale from 1 to many
  • Fixed fee billing at the end of the month

Simplifying IT Support

  • Full maintenance and support providing peace of mind and cost savings
  • Includes antivirus and remote management tools
  • Call the help desk and speak with a trained Technical Specialist
  • After hours support

OfficeOneTerminal includes:

  • Unlimited maintenance and support
  • Dual monitors
  • Antivirus/malware protection
  • OfficeOneDesktop access
  • Network and local printing/scanning
  • Local Internet access
  • USB transfer (photos, music, files)
  • and more

OfficeOneTerminal is your hardware solution made simple.

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