Your most valuable resource is time. With OfficeOneShare you’ll have more of it.

As a cloud hosting and file storage solution, OfficeOneShare assists firms of all sizes to securely exchange, synchronize, retrieve documents on the web anywhere, anytime from any device with employees or clients. In many instances traditional transfer of files and documents such as courier, email and fax is replaced by quick, easy secure, encrypted online document sharing of files big or small.

Instead of saving files and documents locally on your physical computers, they’ll be securely stored in the cloud for easy access, editing and collaboration by your employees whether they’re in B.C. or Beijing.

The setup and management of OfficeOneShare is very straightforward and requires minimal system administration. Also enjoy hands-free document backups, business continuity and disaster recovery with the added advantage of less load on your servers and storage.

With OfficeOneShare, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Simple to use
    Easily share large files, up to gigabytes in size, with internal and or external people. You merely select the OfficeOneShare file share link, enter the person’s email address and upload the file. Through a widget on your desktop, you’re also able to upload, download or delete files without launching a web browser.
  • Use with Outlook
    OfficeOneShare includes a plugin which allows you to receive and send files directly from Outlook. You can also manage the security plugin settings for Outlook to ensure safe delivery of data sent.
  • Access anywhere any device
    Send a file from your Smartphone and download a file from your tablet. Moving between devices is easy and enhances productivity.
  • Synchronize data with your computer
    Share and work on the same file in real time with your team or people outside of your office. This reduces the time it takes to continuously upload/download files and therefore enhances productivity.
  • Security
    Rest assured the shared files are stored in Canada. You are able to customize security settings so as to better manage passwords and mobile access of the files shared. You can also determine which people are able to view the files and folders by granting or denying people access through specific permission settings. If you delete a file it is deleted permanently and does not reside on the file storage devices in perpetuity. This eliminates the worry of exposing sensitive data.

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