What are Hosted Solutions?

A better way to run your firm

Our Hosted Solutions are essentially cloud solutions. This means that rather than having a traditional IT in-house facility with equipment, you instead receive all your hardware, software, IT infrastructure and more via the Internet.

Our Hosted Solutions not only allow you to free up office space from bulky IT equipment, but also gives you total IT peace of mind knowing that your technology is being managed by an award winning provider that empowers your firm with cutting edge software, applications, security and more.

Our complete line of cloud computing services and solutions make it easy for you to connect and collaborate with any device, anywhere. No more headaches managing hardware and software. You pay a fixed monthly fee for exactly what you need, upgrades are automatic, and scaling up or down takes less time than grabbing a latte at your nearest Starbucks.

Enjoy greater efficiencies, savings, security and accessibility through our premier hosted solutions:


Our virtual desktop solution provides your law firm maintenance-free access to the latest software versions. Additionally, you can access, edit and share folders and files anywhere, anytime.

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Your business benefits from the powerful features and functionality of a Fortune 500 enterprise email application with exceptional support.

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Employees and clients are able to synchronize, retrieve and share documents securely on the web anywhere, anytime and from any device.

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Access your firm’s critical business applications outside of the office via mobile, PC, laptop or any Internet connected device.

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Soothe your security anxieties with OfficeOneSecure. With this service you get best-in-class two factor authentication that ensures your confidential files are kept private.

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Our only non-cloud service, OfficeOneTerminal brings you the power of new computer terminals with full maintenance, support and warranty paid monthly for a competitive price.

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