The complete virtual desktop solution

Our virtual desktop solution may provide your law firm with savings, security and accessibility. Using the power of the cloud, you can access all your desktop’s programs, applications, processes and data, wherever you are.

Because you no longer have to bother with the costly hardware upgrades and time-consuming software and security updates of your own physical computer, OfficeOneDesktop eliminates many common IT issues. As your data is hosted online on i-worx’s secure, frequently backed-up servers, you and your staff always have maintenance-free access to the latest software versions, and can easily access, edit and share folders and files — anywhere, anytime.

Your new virtual desktop is compatible with PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. That means you can access your entire firms desktop anywhere - subsidiary offices, hotels or vacation from wherever you are in the world.

i-worx’s OfficeOneDesktop provides the following benefits:

  • Cost savings
    Major capital expenditures on workstations and IT infrastructure are a thing of the past. Enjoy peace of mind with fixed monthly fees, and savings of up to 50%.
  • Increased Productivity
    No more waiting days or weeks to have workstations hooked up, along with software compatibility and version problems. Our virtual desktop solution makes it easy to add new users — from one to several hundreds — within hours, and everyone’s software is always standardized and up to date.
  • Easily Accessible Backups
    Stop wasting your valuable time backing up your firm’s critical data. With OfficeOneDesktop, i-worx backs up your data, emails and databases every four hours at our Canadian data centres, and users can immediately restore deleted files. If a disaster ever occurs, your data can be accessible within hours, or even minutes.
  • Security
    You can relax knowing your data is stored in advanced data centres with multiple security layers, redundant power and Internet connections - as well as enterprise software encryption.
  • Better Collaboration
    Stay in sync by viewing each other’s up-to-date calendars to schedule meetings and share the latest contact information.

Take advantage of all these cloud benefits now.

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