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I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you all for having our backs these last 2 days while our transformer was down. Truly, the only thing that kept us operating and able to function was our hosted desktops.

Thank you, Andre, for the foresight and functionality of your hosted desktops. You told me this was the future, yet I remember being reluctant initially. You told me the way it needed to be, and Jose and the rest of the team walked us through it and got us there.

The team at i-worx is amazing: so professional, consistent, knowledgeable and responsive.

I don't know what we would do without you all.

THANK YOU for having our backs.

DataCore Mail Management Ltd.

Just a quick note of appreciation to the i-worx team who made our transition to hosted desktops an incredible experience. The i-worx project team had a fantastic plan going in and the transition was pretty much flawless. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from staff members who required support which complements my own experience. That’s just the service, I haven’t even addressed the product! Awesome. OfficeOneDesktop has made work way more efficient for me. Being able to work remotely allows me to work when opportunity arises so productivity soars.

Raincoast Community Rehabilitation

"I am very excited about the improved service I am now able to offer all of my clients. With large files, sometimes many boxes in size, it just isn't possible to bring the entire file to every court appearance. With our move to the i-worx Cloud we now have a competitive advantage over other law firms."

The entire file is on our iPad connected to the Cloud.

Deciding to move over to the Cloud was a decision not taken lightly. The company spent a year researching their various options in order to find the best way to make the move. By the Fall of 2015, it became clear that the best solution was offered by i-worx. They have a proven track record and expertise that made the move possible.

Tim Louis & Company

We are extremely happy with i-worx. The system is seamless and it gives peace of mind to know that our data is stored safely and securely in Canada. The i-worx team has been a pleasure to work with through all stages of the process, from negotiating the agreement to installation to technical support. Although we are a small boutique firm, we have offices across the country and lawyers who travel frequently, so OfficeOneDesktop is an integral part of our firm structure.

Arbutus Law Group LLP

Thanks for the info. I suspect we may take a hard look at the maintenance plan – which seems reasonably priced. But let me get back to you on that.

You have a great product and a great team. I’m very pleased that we signed on with you guys. A staffer at the law office you suggested I call for a referral (I can’t recall the name of the office) told me “There aren’t a lot of problems, but when you have one they’re all over it”. I think she was correct!

Negar and Peter worked night and day and 7 days a week it seemed to get things done as smoothly as possible. You have highly motivated people. And yet your team seems happy to be working for I-worx – so you must be doing a lot of things right. You should teach courses on how to run a successful business in your spare time!

Daroux Law Corporation

Our litigation firm went to the Cloud with i-worx in June, 2013. The implementation was smooth. The continuing service by qualified and pleasant professionals is impressive. We would highly recommend i-worx to any organization that is cloud bound.

Garth S. McAlister Law Corporation

i-worx Support You are officially my heroes. One of the biggest problems I had was none of my calendar or contacts. I feel whole again. How sad!

QA Law

I want to extend my thanks to i-worx for all their help in our office the other day. Not being an IT person myself, it is comforting to know that I can always depend on i-worx and not have to worry about anything related to the computers as it will always be taken care of.

Severide Law

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i-worx’s cloud computing and security services help law firms enjoy greater efficiencies and cost savings, allowing them the freedom to focus on their core business.

Case Study 1 – Digby Leigh & Co - The challenge - declining system performance, rising IT costs.

Having traditionally housed its IT infrastructure onsite, Digby Leigh & Co. was finding it increasingly expensive and unwieldy to manage.

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Case Study 2 – Miller Titerle LLP - The challenge - growing exponentially and scalability and flexibility restrictions of onsite managed IT systems

Having traditionally housed its IT infrastructure onsite, Miller Titerle LLP. was finding that it restricting its growth. It was onerous and time consuming every time a new lawyer was added to the team; purchasing a computer, loading the legal and business applications and so on.

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