Protect your firm’s critical data with cutting-edge security

Do you have sensitive data, applications or devices that need an additional layer of user authentication? Are you concerned about privacy issues and compliance? No matter how you run your organization, i-worx’s OfficeOneSecure gives your firm the security it needs to protect its vital data through best-in-class two factor authentication.

i-worx’s OfficeOneSecure empowers your firm with these benefits:

Two Factor Authentication from Your Smartphone

Passcodes get sent to any device - iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile etc. - as a second measure of authentication to access your virtual desktop. Two factor authentication is:

  • Compatible with any Smart Phone
  • Simple to install and activate
  • Requires no additional devices for users to carry
  • Uses one time passcodes generated by mobile application
  • Allows for operation without cell service or Wi-Fi connection

Two Factor Authentication via SMS

Passcodes are sent via SMS and includes these benefits:

  • Works with any mobile phone
  • No software to install
  • Allows for partially-connected operation – passcodes in stored text messages can be used when cellular coverage is lacking


OfficeOneSecure gives two-factor authentication to every business at an affordable price and provides:

  • Monthly, pay-as-you-go billing
  • Easy scalability from 1 to 1,000’s without having to spend money on additional hardware
  • Ability for users to bring their own devices and hence no need to invest in hardware tokens


Uncover security vulnerabilities by reporting and tracking users with:

  • Searchable audit trail of all authentication attempts
  • Fraudulent login attempts reported

Simplifying IT Support

Get support when you need it, whether at the office, while travelling, and during or after office hours. With OfficeOneSecure support you get:

  • Help desk support provided by a trained Technical Specialist
  • Full maintenance and support providing peace of mind and cost savings
  • After hours support when working late

Security has never been this sophisticated.

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