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Have your productivity levels flatlined? Are you uncertain of how to propel your firm to new levels of growth? i-worx’s hosted solutions give your firm all the flexibility and freedom to ensure a future of success and higher profits.

Transform your firm with our Hosted Solutions

Is your firm not equipped with the tools needed to thrive in the age of mobility? Firms everywhere are freeing themselves from their desks and empowering their staff to access their firm anywhere - be it BC or Bangkok. i-worx’s Hosted Solutions give your firm the mobility it needs to reach new heights of productivity. Are you ready to take advantage?

Legal Application

i-worx allows your firm to operate more easily



Give your staff the freedom to access all their vital legal applications - ProLaw, ALF, ESILaw and more - from the office, home or even Starbucks. Increased mobility equals more productivity.

Legal Applications Supported

Adobe Acrobat, ALF, Amicus, BC Online, Brief Convey, Case Soft Suite, CaseViewNet, Webex, CodeMeter Runtime, Copitrak, Credenza, Divorce Mate, Dragon Naturally Speaking, e-Copy, ERS, ESILaw, Lexis Nexis Case Map, Maximizer, PCLaw, Print Audit, ProLaw, QuickBooks, Skype, Summation, Speech Exec, Tabs3 Practice Master, Workshare, Worldox, Yammer, Zultys

Predictable Monthly Billing

No more fluctuations in your IT budget or surprise maintenance expenses. You’ll love knowing that your monthly invoice is always consistent and predictable.

Canadian Cloud Hosting

While some cloud computing companies host your firm’s critical data in foreign countries, you can rest assured that i-worx stores all your information securely in one of our Canadian data centres.

Disaster Recovery

No more swapping tapes, DVDs or external hard drives for daily backups; everything is included in our Disaster Recovery Service. Plus we back up files every hour, and databases every four hours.

Cost Savings

Say goodbye to the frequent costs incurred by needing to update your hardware and software. We provide the latest and greatest IT technologies transferred to you via the internet, from our data centers.

Compliance & Security

Protecting your data is not only essential for security but also obligatory for compliance purposes. We protect your critical client data so that it both meets industry standards and ensures peace of mind.

Exceptional service from a staff that cares

i-worx offers more than just cloud solutions. We also have a caring, personable staff that is committed to providing premium service.

In 2014, we won the Best Workplace in BC Award. This is because we view our team of employees as an all-star cast that bring unique talents to our offices everyday. We appreciate them, and in turn they go above and beyond to provide you with huge benefits and outstanding service. At i-worx the difference isn’t just cloud solutions, the difference is that we actually care about your firm.


Why choose i-worx?

Our Hosted Solutions give your firm a competitive advantage


Canadian Solutions you can trust

all your vital information is hosted securely in our Canadian data centres.


We understand law firms

Our Hosted Solutions are exclusively designed to solve the technology problems of your industry.


24/7 anytime support

get help when you need it at any hour of the day or night.


Total IT peace of mind

forget about IT for good with our OneCare client program that offers first time call resolution, on-site visits and more.


Save time

As your Chief Technology officer, you’ll no longer waste time dealing with your vendors. We manage them for you so you can focus on running your firm.

Our clients have left their IT stresses behind

Hear what they have to say

At the time that we discovered i-worx, from a technological stance, was grinding to a halt. We had technological requirements that were very specific and demanding, and we were at a loss as to where to find Canadian based solutions that would met our varied and ... read more

urgent technology and privacy needs, efficiently and cost-effectively. i-worx was truly the solution to all of our problems. It was as if their systems were tailor made for our needs! From the day we transitioned to the OfficeOneDesktop platform, our tech challenges evaporated and our costs have been more than reasonable. For all the years we have been working with i-worx, we have been consistently impressed with the reliability of their systems and services, the calibre of their team, and their unfailing commitment to customer service.

A Vancouver based Law Corporation

I am very excited about the improved service I am now able to offer all of my clients. With large files, sometimes many boxes in size, it just isn't possible to bring the entire file to every court appearance. With our move to the i-worx Cloud we now have a competitive advantage over other law firms... read more

The entire file is on our iPad connected to the Cloud

Deciding to move over to the Cloud was a decision not taken lightly. The company spent a year researching their various options in order to find the best way to make the move. By the Fall of 2015, it became clear that the best solution was offered by i-worx. They have a proven track record and expertise that made the move possible.

Tim Louis & Company

I want to extend my thanks to i-worx for all their help in our office the other day. Not being an IT person myself, it is comforting to know that I can always depend on i-worx and not have to worry about anything related to the computers as it will always be taken care of.

Severide Law

Making IT work for you since 2003

i-worx is a Hosted Service Provider offering cloud products and solutions to law firms. With 20-plus years of combined IT experience, our founders set up i-worx in Vancouver, Canada as a Managed Services Provider. We’ve since changed our focus to solely provide cloud solutions, and are dedicated to enhancing your law firm's IT with better security and more accessibility. What's more we can help you to lower your costs while increasing revenue.

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